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Social Legislation

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Our staff offers a cross-focus, providing complementary expert assessments that have been developed in the firm in corporate law, national and international taxation and international mobility.

We work in conjunction with French companies in all their operations, whether recurrent, specific, domestic or international. Together with said companies and in accordance with the company strategy, we establish and adapt the individual labour relations, optimise union agreements, consolidate relations with social agents and restructure organisations in order to conserve assets and offer assistance in the situation in question.

Our expert assessment includes the following:

– Prevention of risks of conflict and defence of interests.
– Drawing up work contracts.
– Adaptation of the mobility policy.
– Negotiation and management of the repudiation of the work contract.
– Elections and operation of the institutions representing staff.
– Management of collective and union negotiations.
– Coordination and reduction of the working day.
– Optimisation of salary systems: savings in salaries, shares, options plan, etc.