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Real Estate Law

The team of real Estate Law has accumulated extensive experience in all areas related to real estate.

Taxe d'habitation.

Our clientele is based on professionals of construction and management, local authorities in terms of urban planning and development, and in general by all economic actors that may be faced with issues environment.

The dedicated team assists clients in all their legal transactions related to real estate in the following areas:

Promotion and Construction

  • Legal and tax structuration of real estate transactions
  • Promises of sales and selling, building lease, leasehold
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts necessary for the implementation of projects (contract of real estate development, construction, architect, contract, insurance …)
  • Assistance during construction, reception, delivery
  • Litigation of real estate transactions



  • Common law – commercial leases – residential leases – leases professionals
  • Audits of rental agreements and obligations of landlords and tenants
  • Assistance in the negotiation and drafting of leases, occupancy agreements, guarantees and warranties
  • Judicial Sub-lease-renewal-transfer termination-determination of rent and eviction or occupation
  • Litigation rent collection and charges
  • Procedures-protective measures, monitoring of operations implementing decisions
  • Litigation of destination and reassignment. Condos & HOAs union
  • Advice and assistance to trustees
  • Monitoring of general assemblies and enabling the trustee
  • Recovery of costs, litigation and implementation of protective measures
  • Difficulties in Condominiums


Legal liability

  • Council properties in different formats (land, plots, buildings, urbanization, community owners, easements, etc..), in its different urban categories (rustic, urban or urbanized), resolving any legal conflict which they could see
  • affected by way of conciliation, consultation or legal relationships, real estate contracts, administrative, and ultimately litigation.
  • demolition orders, town planning permits and legalization of buildings.


Proceedings before the Public Institutions (Municipalities, Cadastres, land records, etc. ..).