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Labour and social security

We offer advice on most issues, both in terms of consulting and strategic advice, as well as in litigation.

Our Labour and Social Security lawyers provide advice on the negotiation, drafting and termination of employment contracts in both ordinary and special employment relationships.
They also have extensive experience in collective bargaining and company restructuring (suspension of contracts, collective redundancies, changes to working conditions, bankruptcy proceedings, etc.) and are involved in legal proceedings before the Labour Courts, Labour Chambers of the Superior Courts of Justice, the National Court, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court. They also provide advice on wages policy, pension and social benefit systems.

In the field of consulting, we can solve the definition and implementation of wage policies, the design of human resources strategies and talent management.

Variable remuneration systems, long-term incentives, directors’ remuneration, job classification models and salary structures, flexible remuneration, professional development, performance evaluations, inheritance planning, identification of potential, senior executive development and international mobility are just some of the policies that the department designs and implements.