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Our Activity

The aim of Morillon & Associés is to provide complete services in the creation and development of Franchises on the Internet and in similar topics, such as legal advice for franchisers and advice to possible franchisees in selecting a franchise.

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Our services commenced with the initial launching of the web page and the centre, providing the appropriate communications tools and solving any doubts that the franchisee or franchiser might raise in the practical management and running of the business and their business plan on the Internet.

We can rely on the support of a large team of professionals with great experience in the development of franchise systems and who are highly specialised in their different areas of services.

This is how we provide global solutions to development projects by means of franchises, taking part in their various stages and carrying out advisory work for the numerous companies who are nowadays interested in the franchise system as a growth option.

These activities are developed in Spain for European franchises.

Morillon commenced its activities in March 2000 following a careful study of the most important franchises in France. For this reason it is a company that was created with a more European and Community approach rather than being strictly national. Our history is short but intense. We were willing to create and maintain a law firm that would get away from the purely business dynamic in order to professionalise the services rendered as much as possible.

Today, according to official statistics, we have reached the top of our speciality, thanks to a constant urge to excel and above all thanks to the confidence placed in our law firm by a large number of companies.

Services to the future franchisee

This wide-ranging offer of franchises requires an intensive work of analysis and prior selection that is going to need specialised professional back-up. Our services provide the broadest information existing on franchises and the security of being able to rely on the experience and resources of a law firm that is consolidated in the sector.

We present the most interesting franchise options in line with the personal situation, sector preference and investment possibilities of each individual.

We analyse and review the contents of your franchise contract with reference to existing legislation.
The review of the contract and of the economic dossier has the aim of dispelling any doubts that the future franchisee might have so that he or she can learn the real scale of his or her investment and the estimated profits for the first three years of functioning.

On many occasions, joining a franchise implies an economic outlay greater than one’s means. Our Law Firm has collaboration agreements signed with “Banco Popular”. We take charge of managing everything to do with the obtaining of financing adapted to your case.

Services to the Franchiser

– Franchise test. Business situation analysis
– Franchise Project. Feasibility analysis
– Franchise Package
– Business development plan
– Continual consulting
– Networks auditing
– Master franchise assessment
– Contractual documentation
– Translation of business dossier
– Search for franchisee masters
– Drafting of franchise contracts
– Drafting of informative dossiers on franchise
– Review and updating of contractual and informative documentation
– Dealing with registration in the Register of Franchisers
– Patents and Trademarks Application
– Computing Consulting
– Marketing and communications consulting
– Internet solutions
– Design and construction of the web page
– Navigation Structure and Creative Management
– Protection, Monitoring and Maintenance of web pages

Our fields of action

The business of Morillon & Associés is registered in a long-lasting and global approach to the field of distribution, which is based on these six points:

1) Feasibility analysis
– Study of the existing concept
– Market evaluation
– Financial analysis (sales outlets and network hub points)
– Legal auditing

2) The building of the network’s foundations
– Name of the ensign
– Modelling of the concept
– Action guidelines
– Legal framework
– Communication
– Training
– Computing
– Additional services

3) The development of the network
– Implantation study
– Search for and validation of franchisee candidates
– Representation at international trade fairs
– Follow up of all the candidates received
– Dispatch of information and personal interviews
– Search for and validation of premises

4) Operational accompaniment of a network
– Training
– Network animation
– Control of the respect for the concept
– Communication strategy/campaigns
– Assessment in marketing
– Assessment: legal, financial, computing.

5) Corporate Design
– Corporative Visual Identity Manuals
– Franchise catchment dossiers
– Diptychs, brochures and stationery
– Printing work
– Advertising creativity
– Creation of web sites for franchises

6) Audit
The rendering of our professional services is done in accordance with the legal provisions in force, together with generally accepted auditing principles.

The methodology used basically consists of the following phases:
– Identification of risks.
– Audit Plan.
– Execution of the Plan.
– Communication and Checking of Results.

The auditing conducted by experienced professionals constitutes a unique occasion for identifying opportunities for improving the profitability and promoting the development of companies by means of a better utilisation of their resources.
All our audit teams are ready to contribute recommendations, suggestions, methods and solutions that will be for the benefit of our clients and for giving their task a function that is more valuable and additional to that of auditing.
Confidentiality and independence. These are the two key elements of the professional code, adhesion to which is documented from the very instant that our professionals join us.