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Expert mercantile assessments, Auditing, Corporate et Taxation

Expert mercantile assessments:
– Implantation of an accounting system adapted to the company.
– Outsourcing of administrative and accounting functions.
– Establishment of intermediate situations
– Review of computerised accounts: compliance with accounting and management standards.
– Computer system security, archiving, capacity for evolution.
– Preparation of the annual accounts.
– Preparation of provisional budgets.
– Calculation of profit costs.
– Implementation of an analytical accounting system.

– M&A: interlocutor in auditing matters.
– Legal auditing: accounts, provisions, mergers and transformations auditor.
– Contractual auditing: takeover auditing, organisational auditing, procedural auditing, performance auditing.

– M&A, a privileged auditor for corporate management: from the processing of payments to corporate auditing.

Market recognition:
– Missions connected with the payment function.
– The missions related to corporate declarations and declarations related to the various social bodies.
– The organisation’s missions.
– Establishment of payments and social declarations through collaborators specialising in corporate law.
– Investigation and consultancy service for subsidies and contracts better adapted to contracts. Reduction of social payments/premium for employment, interests, participation), exempt benefits, etc.

– It is of little importance whether you belong to the industrial sector or are a trader, craftsman, self-employed, farmer, in charge of an association, a private individual or in charge of local or regional administrations, our expert accountant offers all his/her expertise and experience to advise you on the best solutions in taxation.
– Our speciality: the optimisation of your tax situation with a systematic study of exemptions, reductions, deductions, tax discounts from which you can benefit in taxation on profit, income tax, professional tax, VAT, tax integration, directors’ salaries, property, vehicles. Assistance with tax control.