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Lawyers for athletes and artists in Spain and France

Legal, tax and labour consultancy service for authors, sportsmen and women, artists and professionals.

Morillon Avocats is a service line offering specialized and bespoke sports and entertainment advisory services drawing on in-depth industry expertise.

Morillon Avocast aims to offer specialist services of the very highest added value to sportsmen and women, artistes, agents, representative and the various institutions operating in the worlds of sport and entertainment, capitalizing on Garrigues’ prestige, sound business approach and multidisciplinary structure.

Morillon Avocast can boast an in-house team of professionals specializing in the industry, enabling it to draw on the very highest level of industry know-how.

We advise:

  • Sportsmen and women and artistes.
  • Agents and representatives.
  • Sports clubs and institutions.
  • Sporting federations and associations.
  • International bodies.
  • Major event organizers.
  • Investment funds.
  • Audiovisual and record producers.
  • Internet content providers.


  • Tax advice: analysis of the tax situation and design of the most efficient tax structure; exploitation of image rights; analysis of tax residence status, personal income tax returns, nonresident income tax, wealth tax, tax inspections and appeals.
  • Corporate/commercial advice: execution of contracts by athletes (with clubs, sporting brands, agents) and artistes (with producers, record companies, agents). Exploitation of image rights.
  • Litigation advice: lawsuits for violation of the right to honor, privacy and personal portrayal, arbitration proceedings before the CAS.
  • Labor and employment/ real estate advice: termination of contracts, disciplinary proceedings, investment agreements.


  • We advise clubs on all tax and legal matters: contracts, litigation and arbitration, insolvency, trademark protection, antitrust disputes, as well as ongoing tax advice.
  • We advise professional sports federations and associations on all tax and legal matters: financing methods, antitrust disputes, intellectual property, compensation and sponsorship agreements, as well as ongoing tax advice.
  • We advise domestic and international sporting bodies and institutions.
  • We advise investment funds by preparing legal opinions and analyzing domestic and international investment structures.


We offer comprehensive legal advice on the organization of major events, from the initial bid right through to staging:

  • Drafting and negotiation of venue contracts.
  • Drafting of questionnaires and dossiers.
  • Design of the vehicle or entity organizing the event.
  • Applications for tax breaks.
  • Drafting of guarantees.
  • Protection and defense of event branding.
  • Contracts with sponsors.


We advise movie and television producers, record companies and internet content providers:

  • Tax incentives, investments through Economic Interest Groupings (EIGs).
  • Trademark protection, merchandising agreements, image rights, anti-piracy initiatives.
  • Data protection.
  • Court and arbitration proceedings.