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Lisbon Desk

Contacto: Miguel Morillon
Paseo de la Castellana 259C
Planta 18- Torre de Cristal
28046 Madrid (España)
Tlfno.: +34 91 119 05 35
Fax: +34 91 119 05 01

E-Mail: info@morillon.es

Counseling and lawyers in Lisbon

The Lisbon Desk Morillon Collect the experience and knowledge of our professionals of different juridical specialties at the service of the English and Spanish customer in Lisboa, the Portuguese client in Spain and France, offering a prompt service in all three languages. We give support and advices to French and Spanish clients that want to invert in Portugal and vice versa.

The Lisbon Desk addition of providing advice in the implementation phase in the country (a traverse of corporate or by any commercial organization of contractual formulas Establishments), involved –also- in numerous other operations of structural reorganization of groups of companies of buying and selling companies or as well as shareholdings in listed companies not listed there in real estate transactions generally contentious bankruptcy proceedings there.

It also offer assistance in operations of corporate finance and projects of capitals markets, as well as coordinating all international legal and taxes aspects in transactions between the two countries trade.

The Lisbon Desk offers to client ‘s office not only knowledge and experience in the tax and legal advice Morillon, but also the advantages of practical knowledge of the language and the French, Portuguese and Spanish idiosyncrasy.