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Team of French and Spanish lawyers in Spain


 Morillon Lawyers is a team of French-Spanish lawyers, specializing in consulting, support for the creation, supervision and development of businesses, of french franchises and French individuals in Spain.

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COVID 19 State of Emergency

An epidemic, pandemic or health crisis is an exceptional, evolving situation that businesses and people must adapt to. They must also adopt measures to limit the spread of the epidemic and to the extent possible prevent a greater crisis for their organization at the human, operational
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frontera francesa

Cierre de frontera francesa por el coronavirus con España

EL GOBIERNO CONFIA EN QUE FRANCIA NO CIERRE SUS FRONTERAS La ministra de Industria, Comercio y Turismo, Reyes Maroto, espera que Francia no cierre su frontera con España porque tanto Aragón como Cataluña llevan tres días reduciendo los contagios de covid-19. Se está trabajando con Fra
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