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Team of French and Spanish lawyers in Spain


 Morillon Lawyers is a team of French-Spanish lawyers, specializing in consulting, support for the creation, supervision and development of businesses, of french franchises and French individuals in Spain.

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COVID 19 State of Emergency

An epidemic, pandemic or health crisis is an exceptional, evolving situation that businesses and people must adapt to. They must also adopt measures to limit the spread of the epidemic and to the extent possible prevent a greater crisis for their organization at the human, operational
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Claves del Ingreso Mínimo Vital

EL Gobierno prevé que el Ingreso Mínimo Vital llegue a 850.000 hogares en los que viven 2,3 millones de personas; 5.538 euros al año para los adultos que vivan solos. 3.000 millones al como coste para las arcas públicas. Los riesgos entorno a las rentas mínimas El primer peligro, el m
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